Fossati Giuseppe


Important choice
The choice of the window and door frames material is critical because it determines both resistance, acoustic and thermal insulation and aesthetic/ sensorial values. The choice is also important to save money.


The wood window by FOSSATI fits any style, from classic to modern, thanks to the different configuration options ranging from the choice of material to the look – from completely smooth to brushed antique – from the choice of glass fixtures to hinges, from frames to handles. We create a ...

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In recent years PVC has experienced a growing use in the production of doors and windows, with some improvements (particularly insulating and thermoacoustic) keeping good value for money: it ensures medium lasting, it does not require any special maintenance and is resistant to weathering, shocks and UV rays.
Unfortunately its low solidity of the frame makes it unsuitable for large openings and not everybody agrees on PVC health.

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The high weather resistance allowed this type of window to establish itself in the last 20 years, although a countertrend started in recent years, because of the productive innovation in wooden windows and the advent of PVC.

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Combined window frames

More and more often we use different coupled materials, so as to add the advantages and sometimes succeed in keeping the price competitive.

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