Fossati Giuseppe


The wood window by FOSSATI fits any style, from classic to modern, thanks to the different configuration options ranging from the choice of material to the look – from completely smooth to brushed antique – from the choice of glass fixtures to hinges, from frames to handles. We create a customized window which we call "fitting quality".

the properties of wood

If treated avoiding glues and paints based on solvents, wood provides greater interior health and, thanks to the exclusive use of wood from certified forests, even environmental protection, an increasingly important goal....

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Very compact and sturdy wood, characterized by high moisture-resistance so as to be used in boats.
The texture can be fine or medium, with straight grain. Its colour is reddish-brown with veins ranging from pale yellow to yellowish brown....

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Resinous and weather-resistant wood with high compactness. The sapwood is pinkish-white and the heartwood is yellowish to pink-brown.

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Historical essence, mahogany is hard, resistant and extremely compact wood that combines long life with the charm of its fine texture twisted fiber.
Wood with deep roots in history, it was used first by the British in the eighteenth century then by the French in the nineteenth century, for fin...

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Niangon is very durable wood and it is extremely resistant to weathering and moisture. It looks like mahogany with a white greyish sapwood and a brownish-red heartwood. Fine wood with high hardness, Niangon has a luxurious look that makes it suitable for furniture and precious flooring.
For it...

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Very similar to Oak, with lower specific weight and expansion, Sassafras is very durable even if exposed to high humidity conditions. It is one of the most moisture-resistant types of wood. The average stiffness makes Sassafras a flexible and elastic kind of wood, adapt to any manufacturing and use,...

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Fine wood coming from South-East Asia it is characterized by high resistance to atmospheric agents, strong stability and good mechanical strength. The tree can reach 50 m in height and a trunk diameter of 70 -120 cm. The grain is crossed and texture varies from fine to measurably coarse, usually str...

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4 layer coating paint system by fossati

The painting of our door and window frames is performed with a low environmental impact water-based coatings that provide both environmental protection and excellent protection from atmospheric agents, thanks to 4 protective layer technology, capable of excellent adhesion ....

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