Fossati Giuseppe


Blinds and shutters are installed outside the window whose function is protection and dimming. Combination of elegance and practicality can be customised in shape and colour to fit perfectly into any architectural context, from classic to modern, giving aesthetic harmony and high architectural values.


The wood blinds/shutters by FOSSATI are available in different colors, types of wood, aesthetic and architectural configurations. The choice may also cover the addition of security systems. Refined and durable solutions, our blinds and our shutters are made only with high quality materials, by metic...

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Our range of aluminum blinds and shutters only includes products from companies in the possessing the Qualicoat mark, with a coating system that consists of:
Acid degreasing at 50 ° and double washing with demineralized water
Alkaline pickling at 50 ° and double washing with demi...

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