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The quality of a product also depends on its personalization, so the company offers a full range of complements and accessories to match the chosen model, so as to obtain a final product that is not just a window, but your own window.
The accessories are available in different colors and designs so that they can match the chosen finish at the best.


As to thermal and acoustic insulation, in addition to the performance quality of doors and windows, glass surfaces play a vital role. All window and door frames by Fossati are provided with glazing composed of 2 plates, one of which a thermomagnetic glass plate, spaced with hot-chamber duct with the...

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Produced by certified companies with high-quality materials, our handles combine design and high functionality with great value for money. Among modern classic rustic designs we have a wide choice both for inside doors and for outside doors and windows....

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mosquito nets

We have a wide range of models and types of mosquito nets both for windows and for doors. In addition both the frame and the net are available in different colours so that they can perfectly match with your windows....

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Blackout blinds

Blackout blinds are the ideal solution to get the interior light you want, whether they are mounted in a study to filter light and reduce glare on the screen or in a bedroom to get absolute dark even in daylight and induce sleep....

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Venetian blinds

Venetians blinds are functional and effective solutions. Thanks to their plates, which can be oriented in any position, you will be able to modify the strength of light according to your need and get the best comfort. Besides they can reflect the sunshine, so they get a better climate and reduce ene...

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Security systems

Every Fossati product is tested so as to guarantee security both of use and resistant to burglary. Those who are particularly interested in security can require a series of more or different security closing systems, in steel and other hyper resistant alloys. When your door and window frames are pro...

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Let us meet your needs

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