Fossati Giuseppe


As to thermal and acoustic insulation, in addition to the performance quality of doors and windows, glass surfaces play a vital role. All window and door frames by Fossati are provided with glazing composed of 2 plates, one of which a thermomagnetic glass plate, spaced with hot-chamber duct with the addition of gas Argon (min: 98%).

The standard includes:
• Insulating glass 4/16 Thermix + argon gas / 4 plus low-emissivity (Ug = 1.1 W / m² K)
• Security glazing 33.1 / 16thermix + argon gas /33.1 with low transmittance (Ug = 1.1 W / m² K) in all windows with a height inferior to 100 cm from the floor. You can also choose glazing with special features able to meet particular needs and better adapt to the characteristics of the installation site.

The glass surfaces can be classified: