Fossati Giuseppe

Fossati Serramenti

Operating for more than 50 years in full respect of environment.
Wood and wood-aluminum window and door frames. Our company can provide a complete service for the realization of bespoke furniture and interior design.


The company started in the fifties in the field of handmade production of wood window and door frames: its products included windows, door windows, blinds, shutters, inside and outside doors.

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Respect for nature, quality of life.
Respecting nature also means using wood from areas with reforestation programs.
Respecting the quality of life also means using coating systems with water-based low environmental impact products but with excellent performance of weatherability.

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Our door and window frames are characterized not only by functionality, quality and high technical performance but also by their versatility to countless architecture specification and design requirements.

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Rely on the safety of a tested certified product

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Our brands

The complements we resell and the components we use in our products help to determine the quality of the final products. That's why we only buy from certified companies whose high quality products are made by production cycles that respect nature.

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