Fossati Giuseppe


Combining performance with beauty; various kinds of wood and finish; all shapes, sizes and opening solutions: each FOSSATI window is customizable to suit you.


The wood window by FOSSATI fits any style, from classic to modern, thanks to the different configuration options ranging from the choice of material to the look – from completely smooth to brushed antique – from the choice of glass fixtures to hinges, from frames to handles. We create a ...

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A valid alternative to the wood window is its combination with the aluminum. In this hybrid window, the outer part is coated with an aluminum frame giving it the typical aluminum strength and durability while the wood inner side offers all the benefits of wooden windows. That way combines the advant...

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Our modern line of PVC windows is made only with high quality materials and ensures long life and considerable thermal insulation. It reduces heating costs in winter and assures more comfort in summer.
All this is offered at a favorable price-quality ratio.
PVC windows differ depending a...

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