Fossati Giuseppe


The wood window by FOSSATI fits any style, from classic to modern, thanks to the different configuration options ranging from the choice of material to the look – from completely smooth to brushed antique – from the choice of glass fixtures to hinges, from frames to handles. We create a customized window which we call "fitting quality".  
Quality starts from the raw material: FOSSATI windows are made only with highest quality dry wood coming from well-managed forests and in full respect to environment. The window frame is carefully assembled, honed and sanded, then it is covered by 4 protective layers of paint conferring very high strength and durability to the window. Its performance is completed by using high thermal and acoustic insulation glasses also customizable on request. The result is better comfort in the house you live in: warmer (even a few degrees) in winter, cooler in summer.

windows and french doors

Elegance and solid structure are the essential features of a window that boasts over 50 years of progress.

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lift-sliding doors

Shape purity and substance quality: it is the lift-sliding Fossati frame.

Pure lines and minimal design of our lift-sliding doors contribute to create a modern refined home.
The wide glass surface gives a feeling of lightness and allows to fully light large areas, while preserving ...

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coplanar sliding doors

Luxury, modernity and brightness. They are the sensations given by Fossati coplanar sliding doors.
Combination of technical know-how and high-quality materials, Fossati coplanar sliding system is the ideal solution to make your home charming modern and bright....

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