Fossati Giuseppe


Respect for nature, quality of life.
Respecting nature also means using wood from areas with reforestation programs.
Respecting the quality of life also means using coating systems with water-based low environmental impact products but with excellent performance of weatherability.

Tested and certified quality is the basis of our philosophy. Our market plus: careful choice of materials, excellent management of production processes, ability in installation, reliability of services and guarantee up to 10 years.
The quality of FOSSATI products has been largely tested by various certification institutes, attesting air wind and water proof as well as mechanical and impact resistance. Our study activity aims at improving the quality standard of products, their fitness for use and durability as well as improving the construction technologies. Let us point out, for example, our 4 layer coating system and protective treatment by using a specific sanding machine with micrometer precision.

TEKNOS COATING SYSTEMS Our outside door and window frames are coated with a complete water cycle, which provides excellent durability and conservation of product characteristics for a long time. The water-based paint has the extraordinary ability to combine optimal results with the protection of environment and operators’ health as well as to make maintenance simple and less frequent. The application of the primer provides protection from fungi and pests. The application with flow-coating system gets all parts of door and window frames impregnated more easily. Using a colored primer containing iron oxides also reduces the absorption of solar radiation. Finish fulfills the treatment, increases the protection of door and window frames against moisture and makes them glossy and bright.

Technological progress also means that we can offer a 10 year guarantee.

The company has constantly aimed at fitting the highest quality and eco-sustainability standards, only placing on the market products meeting the latest strictest regulations through a production process respecting the environment.