Fossati Giuseppe


The wood blinds/shutters by FOSSATI are available in different colors, types of wood, aesthetic and architectural configurations. The choice may also cover the addition of security systems. Refined and durable solutions, our blinds and our shutters are made only with high quality materials, by meticulous production processes and sophisticated 4 protective layer treatments to guarantee them a long life.

wood blinds

Highly customisable and available in different models, the blinds by Fossati adapt to any architectural solution, giving the face of the building and interior room a touch of nobility and intimacy. The high aesthetic value is complemented by the extreme weather and burglary resistance....

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wood shutters

To those who prefer a more rustic solution with strong references to past values without giving up the elegance and contemporary convenience, Fossati offers different models of shutters. Strong and refined solutions, the shutters by Fossati embody the Italian architectural tradition of the iconic co...

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