Fossati Giuseppe


In recent years PVC has experienced a growing use in the production of doors and windows, with some improvements (particularly insulating and thermoacoustic) keeping good value for money: it ensures medium lasting, it does not require any special maintenance and is resistant to weathering, shocks and UV rays.
Unfortunately its low solidity of the frame makes it unsuitable for large openings and not everybody agrees on PVC health.

Its scientific name is polyvinyl chloride and it is a high viscosity thermoplastic polymer, among the most widely used plastics in the world. The window frame is made of hollow sections; the internal structure can also be reinforced with steel elements that confer good stability, even if lower than wood and wood-aluminum window frames. In the corners the frame is heat sealed so as to be continuous and free of joints. The bars are also provided with special elastic seals that increase the waterproofing. The finish can be white, colored, wood effect.